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Flame Retardant needle punched felt

The dust bag is an indispensable part of the bag dust removal equipment. A good dust bag can increase the service life of the dust filter and increase the cleaning effect. Now Qiaoda Environmental has summarized the history of the development of dustproof bag materials to help you understand in more detail.
First choice, natural weaving in the 1960s - cotton, woolen cloth.
China's filter material production has developed rapidly. In the early 1950s, there was no filter material production plant in China, and there was no special filter material product on the market. The main materials used were cotton, wool, and other natural weaving cloths as filtering materials.
Second Generation 70s Synthetic Fabrics - Polyester 208,729
The development of filter media technology in our country is consistent with the development and application of bag filter. At the beginning of the 1970s, in order to meet the needs of environmental protection, air pollution control, the increase of dust collection efficiency of bag filter and the increase of application range China's scientific and technical personnel developed a 208 polyester flannel filter material, which provided the first batch of filter media for the popularization and application of pulse bag filter, mechanical rotary blower, and other types of bag filter, and once became a filter material. "Uniform the world." Then in the 1980s, on the basis of digestion and absorption of Japanese products, the company successfully developed 729 polyester woven filter media. It was applied to large and medium-sized chamber-reversed bag filter and achieved good results.
In the late 1980s, in the late 1980s, China developed a synthetic fiber non-woven filter material, followed by the development of anti-static, high-temperature, oil-repellent, waterproof, anti-corrosion and other filter materials. And production can basically meet the needs of various industries and various working conditions.
In the 90s of the last century, the surface treatment filter-PTFE coated filter media in the mid-1990s, Chinese scientific and technical personnel, and successfully developed a PTFE micro-porous film composite filter material, for the production of high efficiency, low resistance (energy saving) dust removal equipment High quality filter material.
As the structure of ordinary filter material is open, the filter body is a porous structure with non-uniform pores, the pore size is 5-50 u, so the dust particles with larger particle size can easily infiltrate into the deep pores of the filter material and use common media. The filtration mechanism in the initial stage of filtration is mainly deep filtration, and the filtration efficiency is low. Only after the initial layer of dust is formed, the filtration mechanism is changed from deep filtration to deep filtration and surface filtration to achieve higher filtration efficiency, but at the same time It will increase the running resistance. After the common filter material is cleaned, the filtration efficiency will be reduced, so its filtration efficiency is unstable, and the required cleaning times are many, and the service life of the filter bag is short.
The quality of bag caps, clamps, and short tubes will also directly affect the life of fabric bags. These parts should be smooth, burr-free, and should be rolled out of the flange to prevent the bag from falling off. The clamps are also made of stainless steel and should be easy to install and tighten. It is often found on the site that these parts are worn through with the cloth (filter) bag, far below the life of the dust bag itself. In particular, the longer the filter cloth (filter) bag is, the larger the air volume handled by each cloth (filter) bag is, the larger the inlet velocity of the cloth (filter) bag is, and the more serious the cloth (filter) bag mouth is worn. In order to prolong the life of the cloth (filter) bag and reduce the wear of the bag mouth, a certain factory has polished the bag cap and the short pipe that are in direct contact with the filter bag with a fine wheel, and has received noticeable results. For this reason, besides paying attention to the processing quality, it is recommended that the contact area of the cap, clip, short tube and filter bag be covered with a rubber mat, which is expected to greatly extend the life of the cloth (filter) bag. The company specializes in the production of bag caps, hose clamps, short tubes and other dust collector accessories, a complete processing technology to ensure the quality of processing and extend the life of cloth (filter) bags.
Dust removal bag selection method: according to the dust removal method to select the filter bag 1. Sub-refrigerator type bag filter using a sub-compartment structure, the use of valves to switch room by case, the formation of reverse air flow back blowing, the filter bag shrinkage or expansion of clear Grey bag filter. It has two-state and three-state distinctions. The number of cleanings is 3-5 times/h. The cleaning power comes from the permissible pressure of the dust collector body. In special occasions, it is equipped with anti-blow power. It belongs to the type of low kinetic energy cleaning, and the filter medium should be a thin filter material with soft texture, easy deformation and stable size, such as 729, 208 filter media. The filtration rate is comparable to mechanical vibrations.
Nowadays, there are a wide variety of commonly used dust bag materials, which can be designed to produce synthetic materials according to different working conditions. Our company's main dust bag materials include: polyester Needle Felt, fluoromethoxene, Meytas high temperature, high temperature, waterproof and oil proof. Electrostatic needle felt, glass fiber needle felt, temperature dust bag.

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