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Advantages Of Aerogel Blanket

Jun 15,2023

Advantages Of Aerogel Blanket

1,Excellent heat insulation effect

The heat insulation effect of aerogel blanket is 2-5 times that of traditional heat insulation materials.

According to experiment, the service life of theoretical high-temperature pipelines is close to 20 years.

2, Greatly reduces insulation thickness

Aerogel blanket achieves the same thermal insulation effect, and the thickness is only a fraction of that of traditional materials. After heat preservation, the heat loss is small and the space utilization rate is high.

And at high temperature, the above performance advantages are more obvious.

3,Hydrophobicity and fire resistance

The aerogel blanket is relatively hydrophobic, which can effectively prevent moisture from entering the interior of pipes and equipment.

At the same time, it has B1 to A-level fireproof performance, and the unique three-dimensional network structure of aerogel avoids the obvious decline in the insulation effect of other insulation materials such as sintering deformation and settlement during long-term high-temperature use.

4,Easy to install

Aerogel blanket is light in weight, easy to cut and sew to adapt to various shapes of pipes and equipment insulation, and requires less time and manpower for installation.

5, Save transportation costs

Smaller package volume and lighter weight can greatly reduce the transportation cost of insulation materials.

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