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Inspection method before installation of corrugating roll

Apr 05,2022

Inspection method before installation of corrugating roll

The corrugating roll is an important part of Single Facer. It is divided into the upper corrugating roll and lower corrugating roll and highly affect the quality of the corrugated cardboard. So, it is necessary to do an inspection before installing the corrugating roll. Please check the details below.

•Clean and check the corrugated surface of the corrugated roll (including the surface plating quality).
•Clean and check the fastening parts of each connection (including internal and external threads).
•Check the outer diameter and middle height of the corrugated roll (the entire roll surface is divided into more than five measurement points from both ends to the middle.

If have any questions or requirements for the corrugating roll and other corrugator parts, please feel free to contact us for further information.