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The development process of corrugated production line

Mar 29,2023

The development process of corrugated production line

The century-old development process of corrugated board production line

As early as 151 years ago, the British discovered the corrugated structure and invented corrugated packaging.

The corrugated box industry in today's world is undergoing rapid changes. The corrugated cardboard production line is an assembly line composed of the reel base paper through corrugated pressing, gluing, bonding and shaping, paper separation and pressing, cross-cutting into specification cardboard, and stacking output. From structure, speed, specification to control, corrugated cardboard production line has experienced a century-old development process from simple to modern, from low speed to high speed and from mechanization to computer digital control mechatronics.

Corrugated paper was recorded in England in 1856. The English brothers Edward - Healy (edwadciley) and Edward - Allen (edwadellen) pressed the paper into a corrugated corrugated shape as the inner lining of the hat to breathe and absorb sweat. Today's corrugated packaging technology, regardless of material selection, structural form, production method, and performance mechanism, all originate from this. Therefore, this has pioneering significance for the invention and development of corrugated packaging technology.

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