Felt Strengther
Felt Strengther
Felt Strengther
  • Felt Strengther
  • Felt Strengther
  • Felt Strengther

Felt Strengther

Spray pipes with nozzles installed are one of the indispensable equipment for paper machines, and are used in paper machine clothing cleaning, paper machine felt conditioning, paper web humidification, pulping or stripping, roller cleaning and spraying humidification, etc. middle.The performance and characteristics of the spraying device have varying degrees of impact on paper quality, felt life, downtime, and cleaning consumption.
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  • Wire/Felt tensioner

    It is suitable for tensioning paper machine forming wire, press felt and dryer wire;
    Combining the structural characteristics of various parts of different paper machines and the characteristics of the mesh blanket, a more suitable mesh tensioning system can be designed and optimized; the degree of automation is high, the performance is stable, the smooth operation of the mesh blanket is guaranteed, and the tensioning function can be realized at the same time. Automatic constant tension .

    nozzlForming section tensioner:

    flexible action, small resistance, automatic guarantee of constant tension, stable performance.
    Press section tensioner: 
    small resistance, sensitive action, high control precision, safe and reliable.
    Drying section tensioner: 
    high sensitivity, stable performance, high precision, automatically ensure constant tension of the drying fabric.

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