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  • Graphite felt is integral in various applications within automotive engines, serving as a versatile material for thermal management, sealing, and insulation. Its high-temperature resistance and thermal conductivity contribute to regulating temperatures within the engine, enhancing overall efficiency. Graphite felt's role extends to gaskets, where its ability to withstand heat and provide reliable seals helps prevent leaks in critical engine components. Additionally, it finds application in exhaust systems, acting as insulation to improve fuel efficiency and emission control. In emerging technologies like fuel cells, graphite felt's conductivity and durability play a vital role. As automotive designs evolve, graphite felt is also utilized for thermal management in battery systems, ensuring optimal operating temperatures and contributing to the performance and longevity of electric and hybrid vehicles. Its lightweight and flexible nature further make it suitable for vibration dampening within the engine compartment, enhancing the overall reliability and durability of automotive components.

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