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Conical Refiner

Conical refiner is mainly used for coarse and fine refining of pulp, broken paper, and recycled pulp and it is available for pulping long fiber pulp material, such as cotton pulp, wood, and hemp pulp.

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Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation Deinking Machine is Mainly applied to deink recycled pulp, it can effectively remove ink, light impurities, stickies, etc.

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Disc Thickener

Disc Thickener is mainly used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry like mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, and reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, straw pulp, etc.

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Inclined Screw Thickener

Paper machine Inclined Screw Thickener is mainly used for washing and thickening all kinds of paper pulp.

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High-speed Washer

High-speed Washer is mainly used for washing and concentrating various domestic and overseas waste recycled pulp, and chemical pulp before or after bleaching. Removing ink particles, fillers, and other small impurities from the slurry with high efficiency.

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Curved Screen

The curved screen is used for white water recovery, pulp thickening, waste paper deinking, etc. in the solid-liquid separation system of the paper industry. The curved sieve is the pulp that is delivered under a certain pressure and first enters the pure pulp distribution plate through the top pulp inlet of the curved sieve, where the pulp is accelerated and then enters the circular arc-shaped filter area tangentially, in this area , The slurry is dehydrated repeatedly by the centrifugal force, and then enters the slurry outlet under the action of gravity and is discharged out of the equipment, and the filtered wastewater is discharged through the wastewater outlet. It has the advantages of simple structure, small footprint, large processing capacity, and almost no power consumption.

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Gravity Cylinder Thickener

Gravity cylinder thickener is suitable for dehydration concentration and washing of wood pulp, cotton pulp, rice-wheat straw pulp, and waste paper pulp. Compared with other existing pulp thickening equipment, it has the advantages of simple equipment structure, convenient installation and maintenance, high production capacity, pulp Wide adaptability and other advantages, it is widely used in the pulp and paper industry.

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Trommel Thickener

Trommel thickener / Dram filter is used to separating the fiber and impurity of the filter liquor. Realise objective of the solid and liquor separation.

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Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Water ring vacuum pulp and compressors, it is usually used to aspirate gases that don' contain  solid particles, non-dissolved in water. no-corrosiveness in order to form vacuum and pressure  in a closed container.

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