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Centrifugal Pump

Non-block and non-leaked centrifugal pump are suitable for pumping a variety of different media.

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Fan Pump

Fan Pump, also known as low pulse pump, is now generally for papermaking enterprise-wide use of large flow, low head mixed flow pump pulp is not stable, disadvantages of inconvenient disassembly, according to these questions, the low pulse pump is an updated replacement product.

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SC Type Vortex Pump

Vortex pump with flow path is wide, has no blockage is easy to disassemble, and easy to maintain. The swirling impeller is designed to transport liquids containing large particles, long fibers, and high air content. It is suitable for pulping and papermaking, industrial sewage, and the chemical fiber chemical industry.

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Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Compact structure, small volume, light weight. Easy operation, stable performance Don't have to remove the line during convenient maintenance

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Drum Pulper

Drum type hydrapulper is mainly used in the paper making industry to breaking continuously and coarse screening of the waste paper material under the high consistency. It can maximum keep the physical property of the fiber.

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