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Corrugator Belt

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Low-Speed Corrugator Belt

The Low-Speed Corrugator Belt is woven with multilayer cotton yarn and chemical fiber by using weaving machinery, it is mainly used for large gram or heavy cardboard transportation.

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High-Speed Corrugator Belt

The High-Speed Corrugator Belt is made of imported 100% synthetic polyester and viscose. It is ideal for high-speed corrugators that has to frequent change of cardboard widths.

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Needle Corrugator Belt

Needle corrugator belts are made of high-grade polyester fiber & NOMEX, produced by advanced Needle punch technology to meet the high temperature and high strength requirements of corrugated cardboard production lines.

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Silicon Coated Corrugator Belt

Silicon-coated corrugator belt is specially designed for applications requiring higher tensile strength and abrasive resistance. Its silicon coating can well prevent the slipping of coated paperboards, blank paperboards, and thick paperboards during production.

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Drum Lagging

Drum Lagging is mainly used on the drums of Double Facer to improve the friction to prevent the slip of the belt.

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