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The development trend of Corrugated Machine industry

Apr 13,2023

The development trend of Corrugated Machine industry

Improve productivity

Mainly by increasing the working width and working speed of the corrugated board production line or the corrugated board printing machine, and increasing the workload per unit time, thereby improving the production efficiency of the corrugated box equipment. In recent years, with the increasing demand of domestic corrugated boxes and the continuous growth of carton manufacturers, large-scale production has become the development trend of China's carton manufacturing industry. Carton manufacturers want to carry out large-scale production, which puts forward higher requirements on the production efficiency of corrugated box machinery.

Improve work quality

The quality of corrugated board is comprehensively improved by improving the bonding strength and low-gram processing capacity of the corrugated board production line. For the corrugated box printing slotting machine, the quality of carton printing is improved by improving the color registration accuracy and the number of anilox roller lines. Since 2000, domestic corrugated box packaging users have changed the traditional concept of transportation and packaging and began to pursue sales packaging, which has put forward higher requirements for the printing quality and external performance of corrugated boxes. In addition, domestic corrugated boxes are generally soft in texture and insufficient in breaking strength. As the carton giants speed up the process of entering China, this disadvantage will become more and more obvious.

Improve equipment operation quality

It mainly refers to improving the operation stability, automation level and convenience of operation of corrugated box machinery. Improve the operation stability of corrugated box equipment by improving the design structure; improve the automation level and control performance of corrugated box equipment by continuously introducing electrical components and computer program control systems. So as to ensure the long-term high-speed and stable operation of the equipment.