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Paper Machine Spare Parts

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Artificial Stone Roll

Artificial Stone Roll imitates the characteristics of granite and is made of resin, rubber, and refined quartz sand.

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Spreader Roll

The Spreader Roll is a kind of roller used to eliminate wrinkles and adhesions in the process of coil cutting and winding. The curved shaft is also called a bending roll due to the irregular curvature of the roll surface.

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Blind Drill Press Roll

The blind hole press roll is another improved press roll developed on the basis of the grooved press roll in the 1970s. It is also coated with rubber or polyurethane on the iron roll core. Blind holes with a diameter of 2 mm and a depth of 12 to 15 mm are drilled on the rubberized surface.

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Wire Drive Roll

The Wire Drive Roll is mainly used for driving the wire part.

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Stone Roll

The stone roll, also known as a granite roll or a Yankee dryer, is a large cylindrical drum made of solid granite or other hard materials. It is used to dry and smooth the surface of the paper as it passes through the machine.

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Dandy Roll

Dandy Roll is a light hollow roller covered with copper mesh, usually installed on the forming mesh surface after the first two or three vacuum suction boxes.

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Suction Couch Roll

The Suction Couch Roll dewaters the sheet as the felt belt passes through to improve the moisture uniformity of the sheet to the extent required for felt feeding.

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Suction Former

The suction former is used in high speed tissue machine and designed to facilitate the initial formation of the tissue paper from a pulp slurry. It helps in controlling the distribution of fibers to create a uniform and well-structured paper sheet.

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