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Do you know the working principle of a ball mill?

May 29,2023

Do you know the working principle of a ball mill?

Grinding ore is usually done in a grinding machine. There are many types of grinding machines, but in metal mines, rod mills are generally used. Gravel mills have gradually been applied in China in recent years. A ball mill is a rotating cylinder with hollow shafts at both ends, which contains a considerable number of steel bars and balls.

When ore and water are fed into the cylinder from a hollow shaft at one end and discharged from the hollow shaft at the other end. When the cylinder of the ball mill rotates at the specified speed, the steel ball and rod, together with the ore, rise to a certain height with the cylinder under the action of centrifugal force and friction, and then detach from the cylinder wall for throwing and sliding down. Subsequently, they rise to the same height with the cylinder and then fall down, periodically causing the ore to be crushed by impact and grinding. The ground ore and water form a slurry (wet grinding), which is discharged by a hollow shaft at the discharge end to complete the grinding operation.