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Replies to some questions that customers worry about aerogel powders in the application of Aerogel thermal insulation felt

Jun 06,2023

Replies to some questions that customers worry about aerogel powders in the application of Aerogel thermal insulation felt

1. Explosiveness of aerogel power

The main chemical composition of aerogel powder in aerogel insulation blanket HT650,HT200,HT800 and ceramic fiber composite insulation felt is SiO2 and some TiOz, are pure inorganic powders, which are non-volatile toxic and harmful.
According to the "Standard Test Method for the Minimum Explosive Concentration of Combustible Dust", a laboratory has tested that the minimum explosive concentration of Aerogel Power is 575g/m3. Aerogel Power was tested for minimum ignitability.

Tested with the highest capacitance 28.8 joules that can be released by the electrostatic discharge tester, no fire was detected by visual inspection.

2. Exposure limits for aerogel power

Exposure limits for dust from thermal insulation work depend on the country of use and regulations for handling materials that generate respirable amorphous silica and contain titanium dioxide dust.

The crystalline silicon content in aerogels is 0%, and OSHA limits the exposure limits for aerogels: particulate matter limits of 15 mg/m3 (all dust) and 5 mg/m3 (respiratory dust).

For example, the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standard for amorphous silica is 6mg/m3, and the limit value of amorphous silica stipulated by German MAK is 4mg/m3 (respirable part).

3. Waste disposal of aerogel insulation materials

The finished aerogel insulation materials contains no liquid. Aerogel insulation materials waste can be disposed of in landfills that accept industrial waste.

Due to the dust generated during the disposal of waste airgel thermal insulation materials in the landfill, the industrial waste landfill should be informed of this situation during the waste disposal approval process.

4. The harm of aerogel powder to human body

Aerogel products are porous materials based on the colloidal structure of nanoparticle silica.

The aerogel composite thermal insulation material was not detected to have nanoparticles falling under the external force of large impact force and shear force.

The particle size of the dust dropped during the production and use of aerogel materials generally ranges from tens to thousands of microns, as long as the user adopts traditional methods or personal protective measures that are in line with current global or experimental material exposure control , to safely dispose of the products we manufacture and sell. These exposure limit values apply to amorphous silica, titanium dioxide or other additives in our products.

The above information comes from Huatao Company, if forwarding, please indicate the source.

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