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Top paper board making machines

Mar 07,2023

Top paper board making machines

With paper board making industry providing a stable market in the global paper world, it has been grabbing the attention of stakeholders to invest in. Based on the type of industry of manufacturing, paper board machines can be classified under two categories. They are

1. Based on grade
2. Based on end-user
3. Based on product type

Grade category includes paper board products like folding boxboard (FBB), white line chipboard (WLC), solid bleached sulfate (SBS), coated unbleached kraft paper board (CUK), label paper, and other products like glassine and greaseproof paper, parchment paper, filter paper.

Coming to end-user products, the category includes food and beverages, healthcare, personal and home care, manufacturing, and other products relating to construction, education and stationery.

And in the last category, the products include flexible paper packaging, corrugated box, and boxboard.

Some of the top paper board machines which have been creating a sensation for production of the above-mentioned paper board materials include
1. Automatic paper board making machines sizes ranging between 42,52,62 and 72 inches.
2. L type edge paper board making machine
3. Paper Corrugated board making plant
4. China kraft corrugated paper fluting paper board machine
5. Automatic corrugated paper board vacuum type single facer machine

With China accounting highest for the manufacture of paper-related products, with 99.3 million tonnes of paper and pulp and production, it also deals with the manufacture of best paper board machines across the globe, to match the needs of its market.

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