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Global scope and challenges of paper board market

Mar 14,2023

Global scope and challenges of paper board market

The major driving factors as for paper board industry as suggested by reports includes the growth in e-commerce sales and the increased demand for folded cartoon packaging.

It is predicted that almost two-thirds of the population will be living in cities, in the coming years. There has been a steep increase in the migration of rural population to cities, which is certainly going to increase the global demand consumption patterns of packaged food.

Asia Pacific to have the largest paper board industry

It is also to be noted that, paper packaging demand has been growing at a rate of 6.5% since 2008 in the Asia Pacific region. The increased number of manufacturing plants all over the region, coupled with growing demands for paper board packaged products and transit packaging sector in Asia Pacific has contributed tremendously for the growth of paper board packaged products.

Not only this, the logistics sector show an escalating rate of exports as corrugated boxes is expected to dominate the paper board industry in this region. Strong growth of paper board packaging needs in FMCG and cosmetics sector is going to play an important role in the development of this industry in Asia Pacific region. Thus, attracting investors from all over the world to develop the paper board industry into the most lucrative market.