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Safety Precautions for Corrugated Line

Mar 17,2023

Safety Precautions for Corrugated Line

(1) Operators must be specially trained before they can operate on the machine. Operators must be proficient in the functions and functions of each button on each operation panel, and be able to operate each button and switch correctly.

(2) The operation should be carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited, so as to avoid equipment accidents and damage to equipment due to program errors.

(3) Pay attention to frequent inspection of equipment fasteners to prevent them from loosening and falling off, causing unnecessary equipment damage.

(4) Always check the lubrication condition to prevent the bearing from being burnt out due to oil failure.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts with hands.

(6) When rotating and installing the base paper, pay attention to the safety of nearby personnel and equipment. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the paper holder when the base paper is adjusted on the paper holder or during operation.

(7) The cables and wires should be checked frequently, and they should not be in contact with the moving parts of the equipment. The power must be cut off after the machine is stopped.