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Apr 13,2023

The development trend of Corrugated Machine industry

Mainly by increasing the working width and working speed of the corrugated board production line or the corrugated board printing machine, and increasing the workload per unit time

Apr 06,2023

Attention to the use of corrugated cardboard cross-cutting machine

The principle is that lubrication, cleaning and cleaning (no dust and debris) are in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

Mar 29,2023

The development process of corrugated production line

The corrugated cardboard production line is an assembly line composed of the reel base paper through corrugated pressing, gluing, bonding and shaping

Mar 17,2023

Safety Precautions for Corrugated Line

Pay attention to frequent inspection of equipment fasteners to prevent them from loosening and falling off, causing unnecessary equipment damage.

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