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Mar 14,2023

Global scope and challenges of paper board market

The major driving factors as for paper board industry as suggested by reports includes the growth in e-commerce sales and the increased demand for folded cartoon packaging.

Mar 07,2023

Top paper board making machines

With paper board making industry providing a stable market in the global paper world, it has been grabbing the attention of stakeholders to invest in.

Feb 20,2023

Steps involved in the Pulp and Papermaking Procedure

The chips are then digested with steam at specific temperatures to separate the fibers and partially dissolve the lignin and other extractives.

Jan 17,2023

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Process in the paper industry

Paper plays a key role in our daily life and papers have been used for many years from now. Papers are made with the pulp of the woods, which is an Eco-friendly product.

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