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Machine Clothings

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Forming Fabric

In the forming section of the paper machine, a mixture of approximately 99% water and 1% cellulose fibers and filler material is introduced uniformly across the width of the forming fabric.

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Press Felt / Paper Making Felt

Press felts play an important role in removing moisture from the paper web after the forming section, while imparting smoothness and transporting it to the dryer section. To this end, press felts need to provide the following functions: water removal, smoothing and runnability.

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Dryer Fabric

Dryer fabric in papermaking serves two functions. First, it removes the remaining water in the web that cannot be removed by vacuum or pressing. Second, it causes fibres to bond together by hydrogen bonding. On a paper machine, drying is accomplished by passing the web around a series of steam-heated cylinders, dryer fabric threaded in it to press the paper onto the hot rolls.

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Belt Filter Cloth

Spiral Press Filter Belt with filling yarns are mainly used as filter cloth, drying media, or conveyor belts for solid-liquid separation in the belt press filter. choosing the material according to the characteristics of the product to be filtered, the work pressure, temperature, etc.

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Polyester Plain Woven Filter Fabric

Polyester Plain Woven Filter Fabric are mainly used in mining industry screening and separating; food industry's filtration and drying, such as biscuit drying, tea drying, seeds drying, fruit drying; pulp washing in paper mills, fruit juice making,etc

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Polyester Anti-static Mesh Belt

Antistatic mesh belt is widely used in airlaid, spunlaid, wetlaid & drylaid nonwoven forming, wood fiberboard, dust-free paper, chemical fiber, and other industries.Used as a continuous pre-pressing mesh belt in chemical fiber, pulp dry papermaking, fiberboard, and other industries.

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Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belts / Gas Desulfurization Filter Belts

Process filtration for large-scale industrial production. Compatible with a wide range of filter types, vacuum filter belts widely used in filtration of tailings, coal washing, pulp washing, alumina, and other industries.

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Alkali Resistant Filter Belt Cloth

Alkali-resistant mesh belt series products are mainly used in industries where the use temperature is high (100°C), the alkali content is ≧20% (20% sodium hydroxide), and the tensile strength is high, and the wear resistance is high.

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Polyester Pulping Fabric

Polyester Pulping Fabrics is used in several of washing equipments. It is mostly used in the fabrics of wash coal, vacuum wash plasm machine and drum type wash plasm machine.

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Spunbond Mesh Belt

Uniform air flow and uniform warp and weft density;Spunbond mesh belt has good flexibility, high tensile strength and strong wrinkle resistance;The fibers are smooth and have good adhesion, which is good for pulp cleaning;

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