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Aerogel Insulation

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HT650 Aerogel Blanket

HT650 is an aerogel blanket composited with fiberglass. Similar to Pyrogel XTE and Spaceloft, mainly used for the hot &heat insulation and building insulation.Working temperature from -200ºC to 650ºC, the thermal conductivity from 0.018-0.023 W/m.k.

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HT200 Aerogel Blanket

HT200. Aerogel insulation blanket with Aluminium foil, similar to Cryogel Z ( mainly used for the cold insulation, such as LNG, Working temperature from -190ºC-200ºC ), the thermal conductivity from 0.017-0.023 W/m.k.

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HT800 Aerogel Blanket

HT800 blanket working temperature from -200ºC to 800ºC, the thermal conductivity from 0.018-0.023 W/m.k.

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Aerogel Blanket with adhesive tape

HTM Series is a flexible, high-performance, silica aerogel-based insulation material of limited combustibility used for exterior and interior applications.

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Aerogel Blanket With Aluminium Foil

Such as: Composite Aerogel Blanket, Aerogel Blanket with Adhesive Tape, Aerogel Blanket With Fiberglass Cloth, Aerogel Blanket With Aluminium Foil etc.

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Aerogel Blanket With Fiberglass Cloth

Supplied in a variety of finishes, the substantial layers of HTM Series meet the requirements for A2 classification (insulation, MgO and plasterboard, and anything you wanted).

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Composite Aerogel Blanket for building construction

These include enhancing the thermal performance of the ventilated facade and addressing thermal bridging in the facade. HTM Series is also useful in minimizing thermal bridges around windows in areas such as window reveals and roller shutter cases.

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HTP Aerogel Panel Board

HTP Aerogel panel are a series of rigid nanopores Diameter sheet, designed for flat, square, in construction, equipment and other fields And there is thermal insulation required by mechanical strength. Silica aerogel is the most widely known thermal conductivity in solids. Low substance.

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Aerogel Insulation Film

Aerogel Insulation Film is based on aerogel water-based slurry and is a film-shaped nano-thermal insulation material prepared by fine coating technology on a variety of functional optional substrates.

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