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Refiner Discs

The refining chamber consists of two fixed refiner discs fixed on the casing and moving base and two rotating refiner discs installed on the rotating disc, forming two grinding areas. By exchanging refiner discs with different tooth shapes, it can meet the beating requirements of various pulps.

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Screen Basket

We can configure the most suitable screen basket according to the customer's raw materials, production paper types, process and other parameters to meet the screening needs of different pulp. The screen basket has the characteristics of high output, long service life, stable operation, strong dissolving ability, pulse low, low energy consumption etc.

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Screen Plate & Rotor

When the rotors in the pulper machine, the slurry is thrown from the center to the surroundings, and a vortex is generated in its center. The slurry is subjected to strong hydraulic impact and shearing, resulting in mutual intense friction and soft rubbing. At the same time, due to the rotors The impact of the impact causes the pulp board and broken paper to be disintegrated in a wet state, dissociated into single fibers, and the disintegrated and separated pulp flows out through the sieve holes.

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Cleaner Cones

Cleaner cones in the paper industry typically operate within a system called the pulp cleaning or refining system. They're employed to remove impurities, such as small particles, debris, ink, and other contaminants from the pulp, ensuring that the final paper product meets quality standards.

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HUATAO Clamp for faster and easier paper machine clothing change. Application for forming fabrics, press felts, dryer screens.

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Paper Carrier Rope

Paper Carrier Rope has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and strong tensile properties, which greatly prolongs the service life, reduces the number of replacements, and improves production efficiency.

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Consistency Transmitter

The consistency transmitter has high sensitivity, good anti-vibration performance, and is almost insensitive to the slurry flow rate. It can be applied to all aspects of pulp concentration detection and control in papermaking and pulping processes of papermaking enterprises.

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