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Cleaning Equipment

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High Density Cleaner

High Density Cleaner pulp cleaning machine is for removing all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp, like staples, stones, glasses, etc. in stock preparation system.  As coarse screening equipment, it is usually downstream equipment of hydrapulper. It can also be installed as an important piece of equipment to ensure the operation of downstream processing equipment.

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Low Consistency Cleaner

HT series low consistency cleaner is suitable for cleaning fiber suspension with the consistency of 0.4-1.2%. It can efficiently remove light impurities, hot melt impurities, heavy impurities, pulp rejects, etc. In addition, it can also remove foam plastics, chips fragments., ink particles, and air efficiently, which results in purifying stock in the approach system prior to the paper machine. It can make the coarse screens in the recycled paper fiber efficient, simplify processing procedures and reduce power consumption.

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