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Corrugator Equipment

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Electric shaftless mill roll stand

Electric shaftless mill roll stand mainly used for 3/5/7 layer corrugated paperboard production line and single face corrugated paperboard production line. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient adjustment, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving.

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Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand is used to unroll raw paper in the corrugated cardboard production line. The symmetrical structure design of this mill roll stand allows it to feed two pieces of kraft paper at a time. It can work without any brakes. Besides, the lifting, clamping, loosening, moving, and alignment are all hydraulically operated, which enables the fast paper feeding of the mill roll stand.

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Auto Splicer

The Auto Splicer functions as a central element for smooth, continuous operation, fast, and helps to increase production output and save production cost during the corrugated cardboard production process.

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Cassette type single facer machine

Cassette-type single-sided machine, including base, wall plate, upper corrugating roller and lower corrugating roller, the base is located under the wall plate, the wall plate is a beam structure, the wall plate is provided with a corrugating roller seat

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Vacuum absorb single facer machine

Vacuum Absorb Single Facer Machine is for producing the single flute corrugated cardboard. It is one type of Single Facer series. It is part of the Corrugated Cardboard Machine line & Automatic Corrugation Machine line.

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Preheater Machine

The surface of each roller is precisely ground and plated with hard chrome, which is smooth and durable. It adopts the disc head or flat head design to ensure that the base paper is heated evenly. It can be configured in single-layer or multi-layer. It can be composed of two, three, and four preheaters.

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Glue Machine

Glue machine is specially designed to coat corrugated paper, gray board and others with glue. Its emergence offers great convenience for glue coating, and is warmly welcomed by the market.

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Double Facer Machine

Double facer is a major unit in corrugated cardboard production line. It is mainly designed for bonding, heating, drying and cooling of the single faced corrugated cardboard and paper, thus to produce quality three, five or seven layered corrugated cardboard

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Slitter Scorer Machine

Slitter Scorer is an important part of the corrugator line. Ball screw and nut drive are adopted for cutting line and changing single, with high mechanical precision, flexible rotation, small reverse clearance, and accurate positioning.

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Cut Off Machine

Corrugator cutoff is one of the major machines in corrugated paperboard production line. Huatao offers both mechanical cutoff and computer controlled cutoff based on their drive modes.

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